torsdag 15 maj 2014

Flat stuff

Did you ever think about, how in the spring time a lot of these flat stuff comes around, like flat gloves (see photo) and all kinds of other items too,.these can be found if leaving the computer and going outdoors, to a place where there has been snow and it has melted,.preferanbly where the snow was so heavy or/and a heavy thing made it so flat...however I'm in a hurry now, have to catch the bus to Muonio. Ciaoo


Especially among children, this year the trend is: red eyeliner applicated with a fine touch just below the eyes, slight lines of green and blue near the lipline, and what we call the "indian style" a warpainting like line right across the face! Yay


On a walk in the very graphical city of Rovaniemi, you can see these kind of scenarios.

Shoes & Knit bracelet

Look at these super ordinary shoes, they are too big for her but she don´t care, that´s so cool. Look at that cute thing around her arm, handmade by artist Anita, soo last christmas! Look at that pacifier on the carpet, no she hash´t grown out of it yet. Why is there some computer robot editing my spelling as I write, perhaps I would like to spell the way I personally like to do it, without having any robot correcting me.

onsdag 15 januari 2014

BIG Jacket+ sister bister

wow,. so finally, visiting the King´s capital of Ruotsi, vuoi vuoi,(back home now luckily) I was happy that there was nothing special to do,.instead we went to stand in line waiting for various things,.at the time of this photoshoot we were waiting for the waxholms-boat, which leaves about every half an hour. Tony (the photographer) was hungry
, but me and my photogenic sista "lil' miaoo" she´s called btw, we did our best to entertain the man. Lil'mIaoo, she hated my fancy new patternd long johns, unfortunately,.and she quoted this memorable saying "nej, alltså jag har aldrig haft ett gott öga till folk som klär sig i åtsmitande långkalsonger (oavsett färg), en kort jacka på det och sen drar ut på stan. Snälla, täck din bakdel, jag vill inte beskåda dess former liksom...."(cut directly from fb) translate it would go something like "Noo, like really, I have never had a good eye to people who dress in tight long johns (no matter the color), a short jacket to go with that and then hits the town. Please, cover your hiney, I do not want to deem its shapes like...." However, I wore them,.but I did cover my hiney,.with that huge jacket! Check out my stylish pose! it just slams you in the face, that jacket is a BIG jacket, and its brownish, and has huge pockets! As you can see, Lil sister miao, was striking a more strict pose, to clearly show her feelings towards the orange color and my knitted long johns,.which you will see more of in the future,.it is still winter in Lapland!

Tiny Pink Elephant

it was like 2 or three months ago..and I was wearing my favorite long johns as I tend to do, that´s when I saw a little pink elephant, out of the corner of my I got that feeling once again, I do not understand, I can not put my finger on, the dream is gone..(floating into pink floyd here never mind pls) Focus instead on that secondhand finding of a purple cardigan, I really don´t know why those straps that go around the waist go on and on and on,.so unpractical,.and then a knot in the middle of the tummy like that.,well perhaps I just don´t know how to wear that thing properly,.what´s properly anyways?

Happy New Year!

Yes, Happy New Year from Mrs Fancy Pants and her lovely Tony Montana. A new year ahead of us, lets then pretend that it started today,.and now we put all what´s been done BEHIND us,.and we try real hard to see into the freezing mist (-26 now right?) and just leave all that past ventures,.to last.,last last,.yes,.and now,.forward on! we can see that spring time is just around the corner,.well,.ok not really, but hey,.For new years I wore a wool dress,.found from the second hand shop in Roi, warm and nice,.and those pearls,.they were not mine. I just happen to borrow the necklace from my aunt(Thank you Anki! :) The wine is real tho,.but as a matter of fact, my new years promise this year will be something like: no more alcohol. Original hah? Happy New 2014...